Part of the Utah Life

Typical School day you know...
Just for C.J... NEVA GONNA READ DEM!! Ahaha, love the chick though!

I don't know how to rotate it.. But here's Stiffler & I at a East v.s. Highland basketball game.
Calli, Spoons (Spencer), me, and Chippy (Ashlee)
Jacob & Sara, my nephew and niece. Jacob is the oldest.
Abbey! My youngest niece. Along with Jacob & Sara, they are siblings. Their proud parents are Alex & Jessica Valle. Alex is my older brother. 
The two Ashleys at Promotion
 Me & Abba Gabba, (Abbey P.).
Twinkle Toes! Me & Sam Z.
 Ashley, Chisholm, & me... Hahaha, Zack, he hates us. [:
Some East football game.. Can't remember who we played. Haha.
 My niece is a model... Daughter of my brother Giovanni and Kelly Valle.
Ashlee, C.J., Me.. Money shot! 
C.J.! Chelsea Jones... SL, UT... Nuff said.
Chippy (Ashlee) & I at an East High Football game.
 6th grade graduation, I still love this picture. (Julia, Me, & Ashley)
 Winter Show Choir performance, 2009. Clayton Middle School. Marissa & I.
Ashley & I ice skating.

Ella! Mariela & I at school.
 8th grade promotion, all of us ladies looking amazing! & yes even Isaac & A.J. creepin' in the back:D
Raging Waters, swimming in 8th grade. So it's Ashley R., Me, Sarai, Josue, Ben, Juan, Isaias, & Ashley G.
 8th grade promotion: Sarima, Ashley G., Ashley R., Sarai, Tristan, & me.
 Alright, so in this picture, none of us new when they took the picture... So we really didn't smile. But it goes like: Ashley G., Ofa, Mary, Sarai, & I.
They guy buddies! Noe, Daniel, & A.J. I've known Noe since 1st grade. He's like a brother to me. Even though stuff happened now & we separated, he's still like my little bro[:

So this was some of the people who stayed after promotion too.. Let's get some group pics!
 This one is kind of cheating, since it was in Mexico. But oh well. These three ladies are my cousins. Summer 2010.
One of the last days of school... Zack on the left, Noe on the right, me on the bottom[: