Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Lifee. SO FARR.

Yeah, attending East High is pretty AMAZING. The YES program application is in and now I just have to wait to see where I end up going. Let the count down begin! In April of 2011 I'll find out if and where I'll be going. I'm beyond excited but I am going to miss the world. I have never been out of Utah longer than a couple of months. Only 11 months! Yeah sure, because you know how that isn't a long time.. At all. PSYCH. And that's if it's Thailand! There are 10 countries to choose from. Goodie! Swim team this year is pretty bombtastic, the only down side is that how small the team is! Grr! Really not cool at all! And back to the exchange, if I get in...I will get so home sick, I can already feel it. AHHH. Wish I could take my family or some friends, but then I wouldn't experience as much as things I know I will this upcoming school year. Lifee. Somethings you want, but never expect. But if I don't make the major cut for this scholarship, I will be really sad and disappointed.. BUTTTTTT, that doesn't mean I'm simply gonna quit and not apply again or for another scholarship for exchange students.

Soooo, I will try to update this blog as much as I can. We'll see how that goes!

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