Saturday, July 9, 2011

Greeeetttiiinnggsss... JayKay Sawatdee Cah.. Yo.

Hey, so long time since I've posted! So no, I don't live in a jungle (K-Aden!) or a big city. I live in an urban area and I LOVE IT! We have internet and a t.v. Everything here is so calm and gorgeous. Weather here: Really hot and humid, but once you get used to it, you forget the humidity! The YES kids and I were in Bangkok for a bit. We stayed at a university, there we met some legit people from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Costa Rica, Panama, Frace, Argentina, U.S.A, and THAILAND!

On Wednesday, Naim and Ann (Ann, a lady that was one of our group leaders in the YES Abroad orientation in D.C. along with Nat.) took us to Grand Palace. The place is indescribably amazing. You'll just have to see the pictures to understand. Ann then left to go to her daughter's house. We also met up with Nat and Rah. Rah is someone from the university. She is a n AFS volunteer. After a nice 3O min Thai body message, (for about $8-9) we went back to the university. Dinner was at the Bangkok mall at a place called MK Restaurant. Make your own soup at your table. Yummy! Then we just messed around the whole time! Tried Cold Stone Creamery for the first time ever! It is sooooo good! Harry Potter is a BIG thing here too!

Thursday, welcome home! My host family is super nice and way chill! There is Mom, Pair, Mai, and I. We went out to dinner and the food was way good. My host-grandma (Kon-Yai) and Mom's friend came along as well. Alright enough for now. Talk to you soon.
Love, ฝน
 (My Thai nickname, it means rain. It's pronounced like phone.) 

Check it! We in the Thai side!
At Grand Palace.

They have them here... Finally tried one too!

Grand Palace

Grand Palace!


Grand... Palace.

Grand Palace in Bangkok.


You can't even describe how amazing this is...

Wai (said like Y) to the monks.

The host fam!
Mai, Mom, me, and, Pair!

Part of our living room!

Wake up to this everyday <3.

The door[:

I love these! Called Ngo.

Sunset and a beautiful flag

Thailand is excited for Harry Potter...
Welcome to Phitsanulok.


  1. LIZ!!! looks amazing! i hope you have a ton of fun! miss you tons! keep me up to date:) ~