Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yepp. One Downn.

What uppp!

So I have been having so much fun here in Thailand! I love it. The schools here are a bit different than those back in the U.S. The grades are separated into buildings and then from there the students start to chose what they will do for their major careers after "high school" here. There is the math-science department, the language kids, and the English-math kids. My school is nicknamed T.N. The whole name of the school is sooo long! 30 letters to be exact. So here, I'm kind of popular... It's way different that what you are thinking (I'm pretty sure dude) of.. You get stared at 24/7 and the students are super shy. They will say hi to you if you say hi first.. They also call you a farang (It means foreigner in Thai) all the time. But after a few weeks, it gets to everyone who you are and your real name or nickname.. I go by my nickname here. Fon! The teachers are amazing here! They are simply so nice and way helpful! Even if they can’t speak English, they help you out the best way they can manage. Thailand really does live to it’s name; The Land of Smiles. So I have made a ton of friends here, but I am the closest with Noon, Nan, and Fuang. They all study in M. 4/4, so they are in 10th grade too. SOPHOMORES. Yeahh! Been here for about a month, and it feels like I have known my friends for more than what it really seems like. The language is sometimes a barrier for us; but we work it out somehow every time. I personally think I suck at picking up the language right now, (even if I have only been here for one month) I understand somethings, but it’s really hard! Haha, I knew it would be hard, so I really should stop complaining about this one. I will be taking some Thai cooking classes as a subject here, along with Muay Thai, (it was that or real P.E.. I went with what seems more fun:D) and outside of school; I might be taking a Thai massage course! I’m so excited to see what else might come up as a plan for this year!

I have been trying to put as my first priority to finish my service projects first. With AFS/YES Abroad, we are required to do a certain amount of service projects, I am completely fine with that. They will be fun! For my first project, I really wanted to go teach younger kids English or something like that. Lucky me that I did that yesterday (July 27th)! The elementary school is really near by my school, so for about 2 periods, I went over there with the younger kids. 98% of the students there are orphans or come from a poverty community. It hits you personally when you see that their teacher is a VCR video and a television… My intension was to let them learn something useful and hopefully have them smiling at the end of the day. I love how I taught them how to say purple (Moo-Ah-Y [IN THAI<---]) and Thursday. Their motivation majority of the time was candy, but it worked! Before they receive the candy from you, they wai (put their hands together and lower their heads towards their heads) and say Korb-Kun-(Cah for girls) or (Kab for boys). When I first got there, they were all very shy and quiet. By the end of the hour and when I left, they were smiling, yelling out “thank you teacher,” waving bye, and they all had a very big and bright smile on their faces. I literally couldn’t ask for more. Those little boys and girls have brightened up my week and even though as I feel that I haven’t done anything for them; I am glad I could put a smile on their faces.

We’ll see what else happens here in Thailand… I will be going to 2 schools a week. I might go to the other school on Friday, (June 29th) hopefully everything goes well at that school too. Both of the schools are really near by, so that’s a good thing. Pretty much one month down, the rest of the year to go!!! Finding a way to enjoy every moment I have here, and not letting any chances pass me by[: I pinky promise I will try to update later on. Live. It. Up.

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